I got a food scale: weight loss gadgets , tools , accessories , junk, and stuff.

photo 3-1

As you maybe can tell, i love stuff. I love gadgets, and stuff, and tools, and things and basically ANY DAMN THING that i can use to track, count, weigh, and will make life easier/is cute/when i look at it, makes me think of working out. Lord knows there’s enough to think about against me.

These kinds of things, also keep me motivated.

As you may know already, i have a FITBIT-(see earlier post, and a polar Ft4 heart rate monitor.Top 2 boxes above. And i’m NOT ashamed to say that a few of YOU FELLOW BLOGGERS inspired a few of these purchases. I love these things. Every day  they are more motivating. The heart rate monitor has been A GAME CHANGER. i can’t tell you…WHILE i’m working out, if i know i’m not pushing myself enough, or i see a number, and know i wanna get to 100 more cals burned or something, it pushes me to move faster, push harder, jump more-etc. I LOVE that i can go back and look at them, compare for example, how long its taking me to ride to and from work,and how many cals i burn, and how its changing. Its  great. If you don’t have one, get one- it’ll change your work outs forever.
Also, just knowing that i have it, makes me wanna lay down on the couch and eat ice cream go use it, and work out.(annoying skinny girl voice.)

My newest addition to the STUFF TO MAKE YOU SKINNY family of gadgets and tools and junk: is my food scale!!

photo 2

It’s Bamboo, and super helpful: it has amazing features like: you can easily switch from grams, to ounces, to ML, and it has a “tare” option, which lets you set a bowl or a glass or something down on it, and it levels if off to 0-to accurately ONLY weigh whats inside the glass or bowl. COOL RIGHT?? So you can actually see how many actual ounces of booze orange juice or whatever you’re drinking.

I’VE BEEN WANTING ONE for so long, and i dont know why i didn’t just get one. It is SOOOO good!!  AND ALSO, i thought i was going to find out that i was eating way more of certain things than i actually was- and its been THE TOTAL OPPOSITE! turns out i’ve been eating like, HALF the portions of certain things. Like string beans (featured in photo) I’ve been logging a cup, for example…and actually EATING like, the amount above. Same goes for chicken breasts, ground chicken, and fish. I was totally underestimating. Which brings me to 2 conclusions. 1– I don’t always need full huge servings, but 2-I’ve been getting headaches, and feeling a little too hungry on some days, after some meals- and now i know why. But this is fantastic. Its a great way to accurately cut calories on portions, or figure out how much of WHATEVER you’re eating or not eating. DEF. keeps you accountable. no more guessing game.

AND FINALLY: this keeps me motivated:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.50.05 PM

We were running around target last sunday, and found these suuuuppppperrrrrr cute dry erase markers, that hang on magnets on the fridge. I write down the lbs lost for that week ending on my little Leonx (THANKS MOM, you didn’t really think i could afford to BUY something lenox for my home, JUST BECAUSE, right?? a bitch is BROKE.)  dry erase board.

DISCLAIMER: SUPER CHEESEY: I have to admit, this is something my husband started, a really long time ago, when i started down this weight loss road a couple of years ago, and i found that i enjoyed it SOOO much. I would come out of the bathroom from weigh in day-SUPER CORNY AND EXCITED, and tell him how many pounds i lost, and then he would write it down on this little thing. we stopped doing it, (because i got lazy and stopped losing weight, but this time- we’re in it to win it.)FASTFOWARD:  RECENTLY, we moved into our new apartment and was heart broken, because i thought i lost this little thing. I JUST FOUND IT THE OTHER DAY! So we’ve just started writing them down again, starting with last week’s 4lb loss 🙂

stay strong, dumplings.<3
(WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT FOOD. why couldn’t i call you all treadmills, or something?!?!?!)

22 Comments on “I got a food scale: weight loss gadgets , tools , accessories , junk, and stuff.”

  1. Me says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting the heart rate monitor, now I’m sold. I don’t have to use the chest strap thingy, right?

    • Hahahaha yes you do! But I SWEAR- and I’m not one of those liars- if it was uncomfortable id say FUCKING ABSOLUTELY NOT. you don’t even know its there. If I leave from the gym, get home sometimes I make dinner and clean up and sit down for a while and totally forget I have it on. It’s so adjustable you really don’t even feel it.

  2. Casie says:

    The food scale is cool! I wanna get one now. Where did you gets yours at?

    • I got it at target!! I had done ALL this research online and was looking at all these different ones, and got overwhelmed and couldn’t make up my mind. Then we were randomly at target, and i saw a bunch and it looked super cool, so i just got it! and i’m IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

      • Casie says:

        Uh oh…you are going to make me spend even more money at Target. My brother always complains about how much I put on the Target card because he has one so I use his. Lol.

      • hshahahahaha- it was only 30 bucks????? they are like 25 online, but its only like a 4-5 dollar difference plus shipping and waiting blah blah blah. so target all the way baby.

      • Casie says:

        I like instant satisfaction when I shop. Lol, I like buying things then and there instead of waiting for shipping which probably isn’t the smartest — always. The watch, is that from Target too? I always get overwhelmed with picking fitness watches. I’d like to know my heart rate when exercising too.

      • no, that one i ordered. Its a Polar FT4…i got it on amazon? and i LOVE it. They make a few models, and some are wayyyy more complicated than that one, and try to make you follow programs and such, but i don’t want that- i just want to know WHAT i’m burning, when i’m working out.

      • Casie says:

        I will look that up, I want something simple and to the point as well. Thanks!!

  3. Christina says:

    Great stuff! And that food scale looks really cool. Ours recently had some type of fatal error so need to get a new one eventually!

  4. hearannaroar says:

    How much time do you think it usually takes you to weigh stuff out? I’m tempted to get one, but I’m nervous that I’ll never use it because I’ll be in a rush.

    • omg. i ‘m ALWAYSSSSSS in a rush, and it literally takes under 1 second to weigh something. You throw it on and the numbers are INSTANT. and it takes the guesswork out which really takes longer. i swear, its literally under a second.

  5. Love the food scale. I never use one because everything I’ve been eating lately is easy to portion out (oatmeal, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chicken breasts), but I might have to go ahead and spring for one.

    One thing I noticed, you have green beans on the scale. If I eat green beans I eat practically an entire frozen bag of them, with my half a chicken breast or whatever else I’m eating for lunch. The reason is that they contain so few calories that your body comes very close to burning off every calorie consumed of green beans just in order to digest them (some say it takes more to digest them). I’ve heard this of celery, broccoli and green beans. So since you are receiving so few calories from them, I eat them to my hearts content. Of course, I only steam them and use little to no salt on them, in order to not negate the health aspect.


    So for that reason, I do portion out things like meat and stuff, but for green leafy vegetables, I eat what I want when I want as long as there isn’t any added calories to them through oils etc.

    Love the recipe’s btw, looks good. If I could cook better maybe I wouldn’t be stuck eating the same things week after week, lol.

    • Hahahahahaha- I don’t typically measure out things like green beans and lettuce or romaine or spinach, stuff like that- it is nice to know- BUT that’s literally the first picture I took of the first thing I weighed on the scale when we first got it!! Haha- It was like, just on my counter and threw it on. I love the scale for stuff like meat, and some liquids, and cheese and just for accuracy in some recipes.

      Cooking is EASY! It’s the clean up I hate!! Learning to do just one or 2 extra things would keep you from getting bored.

      • That’s what I figured about the green beans, lol. I know if I went and bought one I’d way everything in my kitchen out of curiosity cause I’m weird like that.

        And yea, I probably shouldn’t say I’m terrible at cooking. It’s more like It’s just so much easier to throw some fish in the oven or a chicken breast on the grill. I’m used to it and I know what to do. I plan on going to a farmers market around here this weekend though, so maybe it will give me some motivation to try something new.

      • Well I mean most nights ill just eat something simple, chicken with whatever, shrimp with whatever, I have a few go to salads too, I save the fun stuff for weekends or when my husband is home and I’m not just eating by myself to get it over with, and not have to clean the kitchen. Farmers market=YAY!! I get so inspired there hahahaha

  6. Kevin says:

    I bought a food scale this week too! Not as snazzy as yours, but I agree: super helpful!! Great post 🙂

  7. rsjo says:

    oooh I was looking at a fitbit the other day – the fancy one that tracks your sleep – does yours do that?

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