A sprained ankle.

I’ve been dead quiet around here, because ladies and gentlemen:




THAT HAPPENED.  Not doing anything cool, ridiculous, or strenuous….Just WALKING ACROSS THE STREET. Oh new york city and your fucked up potholed crosswalks. Thanks for this.
So this happened, about 8 days ago, and i got really lucky this time, because i’ve only been out of commission about a week.  This happens often with me, since i was like 15, i’ve sprained each ankle well over 10 times each, i’ve lost count. The last time i sprained it, (the other foot, btw) i was on crutches for almost 2 months. It was a nightmare, I almost lost my job (waiting tables at the time, suckkkk it.) and had to convince them to let me hostess so i could sit down and still make money. Nightmare.I took 2 days off this time, and then that rolled right into memorial day weekend, and i basically layed down for 3 days. I’m going a little crazy, i haven’t been able to work out, and its been SUPER depressing. I wanted to go to the gym and just get some arms in or something, but for a while there i couldn’t really walk without limping horribly, and couldn’t take trains really cuz up and down the stairs and a lot of walking for transfers- so i just said fuck it, and layed around. I’m SO OVER THAT now!

The swelling has gone down, and i’m walking pretty normally…i don’t think i’m quite ready to be able to zumba or even do something like a jumping jack ( too high impact, and its still pretty sore…) I wanted to ride my bike into work , but thinking about how thats the leg i use to drop to the ground at red lights and stuff, I don’t know about all that. i tried to practice the motion, and everytime i put my foot down on the floor, i get a slight pain. So no. no go. Today, i’m gonna try to get in the gym since i’m walking well enough to not feel so tired, and try the stationary bike, to see how that motion feels..i think because its no impact, it’ll be okay…And get some upper body working. I miss feeling sore?? I feel flabby and gross since i haven’t worked out.

The good news is, i managed to lose 1 lb DESPITE the fact that i haven’t worked out AT ALL. I kept my eating together, (though i drank a few too many coronas and ate NONSENSE food on memorial day) I thought stepping on the scale today i would have gained ! So yes i’m happy, though i feel super set back, and its SUPER fucking annoying.


Then i saw this, and i died laughing, because it is SO FUNNY!! and SOOOO TRUE. whenever i look back at like, pictures from highschool and see how SKINNY I WAS, i want to scream, because even then, i was always on a diet and worried about being too fat….i wish i could go back to my 16 year old self and tell her to cut the shit. (also possibly remove a Zebra Cake or two from her fucking hands.)



Keep it together bitches. ITS JUNE.

9 Comments on “A sprained ankle.”

  1. rsjo says:

    I don’t wanna click like – that looks painful!! Hope its better soon!

  2. confetea says:

    I’m liking out of sympathy. I threw out my back this week and haven’t been able to exercise other than walking. Hope it heals quickly!

    • Hahahahaha- thank you!! UGH isn’t it the most irritating thing??? I feel like it’s so hard to keep focused on what you’re eating. I have had to CHECK myself all week, instead of being like “oh, fuck it, can’t work out anyway, might as well eat this and drink these drinks 4 nights a week” NO! What mentality is that?? Hahahaha- it should be the opposite- like oh, I have to be super strict because I can’t work out. What is wrong with me?!

      • confetea says:

        Oh I know exactly what you mean! Because you can’t workout you feel like you should eat less as a result because you cant work off calories anymore. I just actually missed working out. I feel like If I go too long without it I’ll go back to the dark side of being lazy hahaha

      • Hahahahahha- IT’S TOTALLY TRUE!!! For me- if I’m out of commission for too long, it’s REALLLLYYYY HARD to start over, or getting back into it. Then I get all in my head about “starting over” and it gets really depressing.

  3. ndyles says:

    It sucks that you sprained your ankle, but at least you have a great attitude about it and wrote some funny shit about it.

  4. Jo says:

    Oh love, I know that injury! I’ve been doing that to both ankles since I was 5 yrs old (41 yrs ago). I even get that bruise line under the ankle bone where a vein rips when my ankle turns. I really feel for you.

    Have you ever been to a chiropractor or an osteopath? They have helped me a lot. I’m about 20 yrs older than you, so I suppose my joints have had that much extra damage over time (bet I’m really cheering you up, eh?) and it turns out I have always had hyper mobile joints.

    The good news is that joints slowly stiffen with age (I’m spraining my ankles less than I used to). The bad news is that my joints have probably got some damage that may result in arthritis in the future – and any care you take now will help avoid problems in the future.

    Did you get a real crunching click when you turned your ankle? Do you have any restricted mobility in the ankle? do you get odd crunching or grating if you move your foot through the full range of movement? If you say yes to any of those, you may have a minor displacement and walking on it is reinforcing the problem. It should be corrected ASAP (and it is very EASY to correct – it takes my chiropractor 3 minutes, and I walk out pain free. It is like magic.

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