16 mile bike ride=Peruvian food deserved.n


Just wanted to throw this photo from yesterday up here real quick!

Happy to report, that my ankle permitted me to finally bike ride yesterday!! I haven’t been able to work out since it happened, but id been walking pretty normally and biking is low impact so I went for it and SO glad I did! Today I’m sore and it feels effing amazing. I burned like 1800 calories! The humidity really almost made me puke though. Also: I made the mistake of wearing 2 sports bras, and halfway down I had to pull over and maneuver the bottom one off between 2 parked cars-i felt like someone was sitting on my chest, or like a belt was strapped with a brick to my tits. Once I could finally breathe, I wasn‘t so dizzy- and the rest of the ride was fine. Anyone ever do this?? I’m so afraid of not having enough support, I do this ALL the time!! You’d think I’d learn by now!

We rode all the way downtown and shared those 3 dishes. Ceviche, causa rellena, and a skirt steak with rice (tAcu tAcu-is what they call it hahaha) we are going back to Peru in December- I CANNOT EFFING WAIT!! Hoping to be past my first long term goal weight by then too.

Happy Sunday!

5 Comments on “16 mile bike ride=Peruvian food deserved.n”

  1. Thanks for liking my post. I was shocked that someone actually read it! This is all new to me and a little scary, but what’s life without some fear and change!?!?

    • Hahaha that’s how I feel all the time. Don’t worry- people probably do read it!!! They are just ghosters who lurk and don’t follow and don’t comment hahahah- but YES- it’s not new to me, but it’s scary every day-that’s why I love having little communities like this, it’s great for when you’re feeling crazy and want someone who thinks like you do to talk you off a ledge. Welcome!!!

  2. confetea says:

    Biking is low impact? You must live somewhere flat hahaha. Where I live it’s all hills and I’m watching these hardcore cyclists and thinking, hmmm no that’s not for me. I’m pushing myself to run up the damn hill and these guys are just casually riding up it. They must have thighs and calves of steel!

    • OMGGGGG- so, I live in NYC which is yes, generally a very flat city but trust- that means its by no means easy, we have PLENTY of hills, and basically if you are riding from downtown to uptown, the entire city is on an incline hahaha- BUT- I meant, low impact as in your feet/knees/joints aren’t pounding the ground doing jumps or even just walking- running is very high impact but biking is something that just let’s the fluid motion take over and I’m not actually hitting my ankle or knee over and over inflaming it. ALSO: one thing I learned the super hard way is that if your knees hurt like crazy you should make your seat higher! Your legs should extend completely. I was doing it wrong for so long. lastly- I CURSE these mother fuckers while they are flying up these hills and I have to literally walk the bike up sometimes because its just too much. I think too, it’s something to do with these kinds of bikes and whatnot. Fixed gear vs non. It’s too much for my fat ass to even think about hahahaha

      • confetea says:

        Oh I see. I’ve been to NYC once, and it was the greatest place on earth to me! I literally walked from one side to the other and it was awesome! I want to live there. But with biking that’s a good tip about raising the seat. I’ve only biked at Burningman (not sure if you know what that is), but it’s basically biking in rural desert, often in sand. Let’s just say you need a well-cushioned seat…But yeah, anytime there is a high incline I am also the one pushing the bike up the hill rather than riding it. Maybe I just have to push through the searing, SEARING pain that says my calves are on fire.

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