Espresso Chocolate Banana Protein Shake!





-iso 100 (or WHATEVER protein powder you like- something non chocolate might be AMAZING!)
-espresso shot
-almond milk


THIS is my new fav breakfast. Wayyyy under 300 calories and it is to die for tasty. And let’s face it. Any excuse to get hopped on coffee- done and done. NEXT.

Today was a day, when I had 0 will to live,let alone ride my bike to and from work and to and from plans tonight. But I DID IT. I was laying on my couch at 8:40 this morning with my dog and my furry blanket, thinking there’s NO WAY km gonna ride in. I’m sore from the squat challenge(more on that later.) and I had 0 energy. And you know worked??? This is gonna sound RIDICULOUS- but were here for the truth, right?? ———

INSTAGRAM! Whenever I feel like I have nothing to give- I turn to all these bitches that are killing it on Instagram just like I am- who have the balls to tag all their before photos , and every meal they eat and their scary sweaty work outs… I made my way through the feed of strong beast chicks and then hit the #weightloss hashtag- and thoughT YES. I wanna get up and be one of these sweaty sore-happy they worked out-chicks. And I did.

After work, I met my friend for a glass of rosé at an outdoor cafe… I mean…. WHAT IS NYC for if you can’t do that?!!
I rode my bike 30 blocks with him In the basket.



I burned 500 cals riding there and back together- and it was BRILLIANT, cuz it’s Like the wine and cheese never happened! Hahahah.

Goodnight bitches!!!

16 mile bike ride=Peruvian food deserved.n


Just wanted to throw this photo from yesterday up here real quick!

Happy to report, that my ankle permitted me to finally bike ride yesterday!! I haven’t been able to work out since it happened, but id been walking pretty normally and biking is low impact so I went for it and SO glad I did! Today I’m sore and it feels effing amazing. I burned like 1800 calories! The humidity really almost made me puke though. Also: I made the mistake of wearing 2 sports bras, and halfway down I had to pull over and maneuver the bottom one off between 2 parked cars-i felt like someone was sitting on my chest, or like a belt was strapped with a brick to my tits. Once I could finally breathe, I wasn‘t so dizzy- and the rest of the ride was fine. Anyone ever do this?? I’m so afraid of not having enough support, I do this ALL the time!! You’d think I’d learn by now!

We rode all the way downtown and shared those 3 dishes. Ceviche, causa rellena, and a skirt steak with rice (tAcu tAcu-is what they call it hahaha) we are going back to Peru in December- I CANNOT EFFING WAIT!! Hoping to be past my first long term goal weight by then too.

Happy Sunday!

A sprained ankle.

I’ve been dead quiet around here, because ladies and gentlemen:




THAT HAPPENED.  Not doing anything cool, ridiculous, or strenuous….Just WALKING ACROSS THE STREET. Oh new york city and your fucked up potholed crosswalks. Thanks for this.
So this happened, about 8 days ago, and i got really lucky this time, because i’ve only been out of commission about a week.  This happens often with me, since i was like 15, i’ve sprained each ankle well over 10 times each, i’ve lost count. The last time i sprained it, (the other foot, btw) i was on crutches for almost 2 months. It was a nightmare, I almost lost my job (waiting tables at the time, suckkkk it.) and had to convince them to let me hostess so i could sit down and still make money. Nightmare.I took 2 days off this time, and then that rolled right into memorial day weekend, and i basically layed down for 3 days. I’m going a little crazy, i haven’t been able to work out, and its been SUPER depressing. I wanted to go to the gym and just get some arms in or something, but for a while there i couldn’t really walk without limping horribly, and couldn’t take trains really cuz up and down the stairs and a lot of walking for transfers- so i just said fuck it, and layed around. I’m SO OVER THAT now!

The swelling has gone down, and i’m walking pretty normally…i don’t think i’m quite ready to be able to zumba or even do something like a jumping jack ( too high impact, and its still pretty sore…) I wanted to ride my bike into work , but thinking about how thats the leg i use to drop to the ground at red lights and stuff, I don’t know about all that. i tried to practice the motion, and everytime i put my foot down on the floor, i get a slight pain. So no. no go. Today, i’m gonna try to get in the gym since i’m walking well enough to not feel so tired, and try the stationary bike, to see how that motion feels..i think because its no impact, it’ll be okay…And get some upper body working. I miss feeling sore?? I feel flabby and gross since i haven’t worked out.

The good news is, i managed to lose 1 lb DESPITE the fact that i haven’t worked out AT ALL. I kept my eating together, (though i drank a few too many coronas and ate NONSENSE food on memorial day) I thought stepping on the scale today i would have gained ! So yes i’m happy, though i feel super set back, and its SUPER fucking annoying.


Then i saw this, and i died laughing, because it is SO FUNNY!! and SOOOO TRUE. whenever i look back at like, pictures from highschool and see how SKINNY I WAS, i want to scream, because even then, i was always on a diet and worried about being too fat….i wish i could go back to my 16 year old self and tell her to cut the shit. (also possibly remove a Zebra Cake or two from her fucking hands.)



Keep it together bitches. ITS JUNE.

Proud: 3 workouts in one day


1-I rode to work this morning
2-I took a ridiculous dance class with a core section at the end of it,
3-I rode home with jello legs.

6.5 miles, 1535 calories!!!!!!!!!

Bike Riding- 13 miles! A Photo Essay:

ImageThe view from Randall’s Island.

Hey Y’all!!!

So this weekend was lots and lots of grilling in the backyard, and a 13 mile bike ride! Burned about 1200 calories.
In about 3 hours (with some stops, and stop for lunch) We rode from our house, over the bridge to Randalls island and across the Triboro Bridge into Queens.  Then all around Astoria, and BACK the exact same way. HOT DAMN the Triboro nearly killed me. That bridge was SOOOOO steep: 

photo 2 That was at the start of the bridge… there was a huge incline JUST to get there, so we stopped cuz i was DYING. (photo op, duh)

Then, the bridge ITSELF (above) was SOOOO steep, all incline, so we stopped halfway across to take stupid pictures:

photo 3View from middle of the bridge Out.

photo 4 copyside by side photo of COOL KIDS!!!

photo 1 copy#strongman #almostdroppedhisbikeintheriver

photo 2 copyso much love. was sweating. wanted to die.

photo 5looking super cool, even though i’m about to barf my lung up.

THEN we rode around Astoria, Queens-which is where we used to live.
(like super really really cheesey corny: )


Made turkey sandwiches with a little turkey bacon and lettuce, on low carb 40 calorie-a-slice- bread. (THRILLING, I KNOW.)
he had a chips, and i (he ate half of it anyway) had this popcorn i am OBSESSED WITH: its like 120 calories for 4 CUPS!! 2 cups is more than enough, so you’re eating half a serving….i’ll have to update with the name later)

After lunch, we went to our favorite antique store in Astoria (the best stuff, i want EVERYTHING all the time but bought nothing because A-i’m broke, (which never really matters) but mostly :B-you can’t carry a vintage wooden bar cart on your back on the triboro bridge on a bike.)

AND then we rode home, the exact way we came. And the bridge is JUST as difficult on the way home.

We got home with jello legs, and threw some skirt steak on the grill. Also had a little corn, and asparagus.

photo 3 copy 2 photo 5 copy

The marinade: olive oil, soy sauce(low sodium) shallots, garlic, pepper, lemon pepper seasoning, and Thyme.

Thrown on the grill. Made enough to share with the people upstairs, and have for leftovers. ITS SO GOOD it makes my brain explode.

This is pretty much going to be my whole summer. Bike riding and grilling. (AND SKINNY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)

it was too cold to ride to work this morning,(WTF WITH THIS WEATHER)…so i’m hitting up a CARDIO JAM class after work, PUKE.

Have a good week guys!!!(perky skinny girl voice)

little things keep you motivated


I got this water bottle for 5 bucks 2 days ago, and its little things like this, that keep me going and motivated. When i look down on my bike and see it, i get SO EXCITED. lollol, i need mental help. 

But these are the kinds of things you have to “treat” yourself to, instead of food rewards, which we all know is a no-no. 

I rode my bike to work every day this week (and 3 days last week) except today, cuz it was supposed to be shitty out. 


AND LET ME TELL YOU  i did NOT miss the train, HOLY SHIT. this woman sitting next to me, was BATSHIT crazy, wearing sunglasses and a mask, and i think something was terribly wrong with her face, and she kept flinching and huffing and puffing when like, my coat or my arm brushed her. HELLO. ITS RUSH HOUR. EVERYONE IS ON TOP OF EVERYONE ELSE. So then, just to piss her off i kept bumping her arm on purpose and scooting closer to see if she’d freak out. hahahahaha. The bike ride is SO PEACEFUL. noone PUMMELING you to get on the train when you are trying to get off. 

I feel great too, like, i’ve been working out super hard all week, and its just been built into my commute. enjoying it. CHECK BACK IN WHEN ITS 98 DEGREES IN NEW YORK CITY AND I WANT TO COMMIT HOMICIDE. see if i’ll be so thrilled to ride a bike to work then. lolol. FUCK that.