Bike Riding- 13 miles! A Photo Essay:

ImageThe view from Randall’s Island.

Hey Y’all!!!

So this weekend was lots and lots of grilling in the backyard, and a 13 mile bike ride! Burned about 1200 calories.
In about 3 hours (with some stops, and stop for lunch) We rode from our house, over the bridge to Randalls island and across the Triboro Bridge into Queens.  Then all around Astoria, and BACK the exact same way. HOT DAMN the Triboro nearly killed me. That bridge was SOOOOO steep: 

photo 2 That was at the start of the bridge… there was a huge incline JUST to get there, so we stopped cuz i was DYING. (photo op, duh)

Then, the bridge ITSELF (above) was SOOOO steep, all incline, so we stopped halfway across to take stupid pictures:

photo 3View from middle of the bridge Out.

photo 4 copyside by side photo of COOL KIDS!!!

photo 1 copy#strongman #almostdroppedhisbikeintheriver

photo 2 copyso much love. was sweating. wanted to die.

photo 5looking super cool, even though i’m about to barf my lung up.

THEN we rode around Astoria, Queens-which is where we used to live.
(like super really really cheesey corny: )


Made turkey sandwiches with a little turkey bacon and lettuce, on low carb 40 calorie-a-slice- bread. (THRILLING, I KNOW.)
he had a chips, and i (he ate half of it anyway) had this popcorn i am OBSESSED WITH: its like 120 calories for 4 CUPS!! 2 cups is more than enough, so you’re eating half a serving….i’ll have to update with the name later)

After lunch, we went to our favorite antique store in Astoria (the best stuff, i want EVERYTHING all the time but bought nothing because A-i’m broke, (which never really matters) but mostly :B-you can’t carry a vintage wooden bar cart on your back on the triboro bridge on a bike.)

AND then we rode home, the exact way we came. And the bridge is JUST as difficult on the way home.

We got home with jello legs, and threw some skirt steak on the grill. Also had a little corn, and asparagus.

photo 3 copy 2 photo 5 copy

The marinade: olive oil, soy sauce(low sodium) shallots, garlic, pepper, lemon pepper seasoning, and Thyme.

Thrown on the grill. Made enough to share with the people upstairs, and have for leftovers. ITS SO GOOD it makes my brain explode.

This is pretty much going to be my whole summer. Bike riding and grilling. (AND SKINNY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)

it was too cold to ride to work this morning,(WTF WITH THIS WEATHER)…so i’m hitting up a CARDIO JAM class after work, PUKE.

Have a good week guys!!!(perky skinny girl voice)

I miss white bread.

Greetings from the 6 train. Those of you that don’t live in NYC- this is the armpit of the world most days. I am writing this while I zoom down to work, because I am starving!!!! And I would like to think about something besides all the food I’d like to shove in my mouth.

I went to tap last night, and today my thighs are on fire. The thing about tap is that you are basically in a squat the whole time. Staying low with Bent knees so that you keep your balance. I am a mess today, and I have class tomorrow! I keep thinking If there were LESS OF ME TO BALANCE, it would be easier!!!! But we’re working on that, right?

Last night, my husband felt like death, and all he wanted was a sandwich. On white bread, turkey and cheese, with mayo. Do you understand how hard it was to hold white bread?! TEMPTATION:  I HAD NO IDEA THAT I WOULD HAVE THIS REACTION!! Ugh-I ALSO had no idea that I miss white bread!!!!! It’s so soft !!! And smelled so good…..

But I was strong. I didn’t start shoveling slices in my mouth to see how many I could fit before I got caught or choked.
I simply made his sandwich and then ate my turkey burger patty on a low carb vegetable wrap. Womp womp.

Man do I get cranky though when faced with something I really want to eat and can’t have…. What do I do about that??? How do you move on???
Obviously I’m happier now that I didn’t eat it, as is always the case…. But I could not be reasoned with last night!

Tomorrow I have my show, and tap class afterward. Gonna try to go on an epic bike ride on Sunday. Stay tuned.