16 mile bike ride=Peruvian food deserved.n


Just wanted to throw this photo from yesterday up here real quick!

Happy to report, that my ankle permitted me to finally bike ride yesterday!! I haven’t been able to work out since it happened, but id been walking pretty normally and biking is low impact so I went for it and SO glad I did! Today I’m sore and it feels effing amazing. I burned like 1800 calories! The humidity really almost made me puke though. Also: I made the mistake of wearing 2 sports bras, and halfway down I had to pull over and maneuver the bottom one off between 2 parked cars-i felt like someone was sitting on my chest, or like a belt was strapped with a brick to my tits. Once I could finally breathe, I wasn‘t so dizzy- and the rest of the ride was fine. Anyone ever do this?? I’m so afraid of not having enough support, I do this ALL the time!! You’d think I’d learn by now!

We rode all the way downtown and shared those 3 dishes. Ceviche, causa rellena, and a skirt steak with rice (tAcu tAcu-is what they call it hahaha) we are going back to Peru in December- I CANNOT EFFING WAIT!! Hoping to be past my first long term goal weight by then too.

Happy Sunday!